Terminology – a system of terms from a specific branch; technical terms (Definition in the „Dictionary of Foreign Words“).

In the context with the activities of the ÚNMZ (Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing), we understand under „the terminology“ a system of Czech, English, French and German language equivalents of the terms occurring in the EC technical regulations.

To provide for better orientation and to facilitate the work of translators and skilled public, the ÚNMZ has created a new terminological database (NDB.) covering the English, French and German language equivalents corresponding to the Czech terms used in EC and technical regulations published in the EU Official Journal.

 The NDB’s content is based on the series of dictionaries „Terminology of Technical Harmonisation“ originated before the period of Czech Republic accession to the EU when the EC law was translated into Czech language and the necessity to unify the terms used in various branch-oriented foreign-language EC technical regulations came out. The Czech equivalents to foreign-language terms are products of the activities of professional translators, branch experts, consultees, opposition procedures and revisions in the ÚNMZ, in the Coordination and Revision Centre of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, as well as the products of Czech experts working in relevant EU translation units (i.e. in the European Commission and in the Council of the European Union). 

The NDB is being continually extended by the new terms in parallel with the new gradually adopted technical regulations at the EC level.

Monitoring of the terminology and its processing in the form of publicly accessible database are aimed at the work facilitation of translators and skilled public, and – as far as possible – at the unification of the terms used in the EC regulations with those to be introduced into the national legislation of the Czech Republic and – possibly – into the technical standards.

 The NDB enables the enquirers to enter directly into contact with the relevant branch experts and to consult the pertinent problems with them (NDB.).

In the case of general subjects and suggestions to perfect the NDB, as well as if you want to call attention to the possible deficiencies, do not hesitate to address unmz@unmz.cz

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